Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

I Voted!

Yep, my first time voting.

I just mailed off my absentee ballot. Even made sure and asked the post office if I gave them to them in time and yep, I did. Go me. :)

Wow, I feel special... now just to see what the outcome will be in the next couple of weeks. And if it's anything like the last presidental election, this is going to take a while. X-/

Well at least I'm using my US citizenship for something for once.

So far the only thing besides voting that citizenship have given me over just having a greencard is:

Jury duty (boo!)
US passport (ehh...)
Being eligible for a possible draft (ultra boo!)
Not being able to convince some hot US citizen to marry me to keep me in the country (booooo!)

Eh... 1 out of 5 ain't bad. ;-)
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