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The one with the most toys...

Ok, this is gonna be my geek boy rant, between getting a new PDA or a Hard Drive MP3 player.

So the two devices I've been lusting after recently. They are the iRiver iHP-100 10gig Hard Drive MP3 player and the new Sony Clue PEG-UX50 Palm PDA.

So here's the deal, the iRiver MP3 player is similar to an iPod. Basically a 10 gig hard drive that plays MP3s. I could store my entire music collection on it and take it with me. It has a 16 hr battery, records and can act as a hard drive when you plug it into a PC/Mac. Nifty eh?

What I currently use for music is the iRiver iMP-350 MP3/CD player Yes I'm a big fan of iRiver. :) So what I currently do is burn a CD-RW with a collection of songs and take that with me. The nice thing of having a real CD player with me is that I can play any CD. With the HD MP3 player, I'd have to rip the song and then transfer it to the MP3 player. But... I could take my entire collection with me. I suppose I could do that too with CDs, just burn a ton of CDs with MP3s on them and take that with me...

Hmm... did I just talk myself out of buying a $400 MP3 player? Wow... I'm good...

Ok, so the thing about the new Clie. It's... um... pretty? :) It has built in 802.11b (WiFi) and Bluetooth wireless networking. Support for Memory Stick Pro (older Memory Sticks only go up to 128 megs, the MS Pro goes up to 1 gig). It can also play back MPEG movies and can act as an MP3 player, with all the functionality of a Palm organizer.

I also currenty have a Sony Clie, the PEG-NR70V. I take it with me *everywhere.* I have my cosplay reference pictures on it, my schedule, address book, pattern lists. Basically my entire life.

Oh, I also have a 128mb Memory Stick with MP3s on it. That's the biggest MS that my Clie will support (not counting the Memory Stick Select, but I'm not gonna go into that mess.)

Do I really need the wireless? Eh, not really. My current Clie does just about everything I need it to do.

Hmmm, I just reasoned myself out of getting the Clie too didn't I? Wow... I must be getting old. I normally would have just gotten *both* of these fun gadgets...

Oh well. :D

Oh one more thing, what's with all the lowercase first letters in names and stuff? iPod, iRiver, iHP-100...

Wow, it looks like I saved a lot of money today. I'm proud. :D
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