Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Haruka and Michiru from Sailor Moon

So ajmeow and trionfale wanted to do a quick shoot before heading off.

I hope you like it. And since they are on the road, I hope they do too. :)


So, some of the pictures turned out ok.

But it was pretty bright outside so the background was overexposed in a lot of photos. I tried to fix it as much as I could in Photoshop.

dmk26 also told me about upping the contrast in the photos and for most of them, it really made a difference. It made the colors brighter and made the "blacks blacker" type of thing.

I was reading somewhere that the Minolta A1 was a bit conservative on colors when using the Normal color profile so I did this shoot with the "Vivid" color profile. Silly me, I didn't take any direct comparison photos with the normal color profile, so I don't know if it actually made a difference or not. LOL. Go me. :)

I dunno, I posted my favorites on the link above. I was mostly working on framing. I really like a couple of them actually.

http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=240209 (The vacation picture, LOL)
http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=240213 (No that's not a CG)

Anyway, it's obvious that I need more practice.
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