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Teen Titans

So I was at AJ's house a couple of days ago and as I was flipping through her Tivo recordings and I saw Teen Titans. Eh, we had just watched Jackie Chan Adventures and felt like some more cartoon goodness.

I didn't have high hopes for it, since generally I don't like American cartoons, but wow! It's really good!

It's probably the fact that he's heavily influenced by Japanese animation. I mean, the first episode I saw (which happened to be the first episode in the series) had some very anime style things in it. They had the chibi-fied characters, the throbbing vain thing when a character gets mad, and even an anime style blush when they get embarrassed.

Originally I thought the opening theme was... well... on crack, but after watching it again... it's stuck in my head. -_- It's also done by the Japanese group Puffy AmiYumi.

Go on, you know you wanna give it a listen. It's recorded off the TV, so sorry about the bad quality.

It's gonna be on their next US album, "Nice" which I'm probably gonna pick up at Otakon.

Anyway, I've made a "Season Pass" on my Tivo for it, which if you know me, it means I *really* like the show. :)

Oh here's another great site at Animeation Insider with more info on the show and it doesn't require flash!
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