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Sci-Fi Channel Renews Battlestar Galactica


Sci-Fi Channel Renews Battlestar Galactica

I'm really glad because it's such a good show. I've been watching the reruns over and over and over. It's that good that I'm leaving my Netflix DVDs on the table and watching more Galactica reruns. 8-/

Interesting note, The latest episode had 3.2 million viewers, almost twice as many as watched the latest episode of Star Trek Enterprise.

Well duh. :) I actually liked the 2 hour pilot for Enterprise, but after that, it's always been an abusive relationship for me. I'd watch Enterprise (notice how they put back the "Star Trek" part of the title?) and then feel let down from the episode. I'd go back every week hoping that the show would get better, only to get slapped down again. Happily, Enterprise is getting canned this season, so no one else will have to suffer as I did.

Edit: The creator of the new Galactica series is an ex-Star Trek: TNG and DS9 writer. I think someone over at Enterprise screwed up big time. ;-)
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