Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

And so it begins...

No, it's not Babylon 5, but a new costume begins...

Basically me and ajmeow went out today to get our Dynasty Warriors costume materials. She's doing Zhao Yu from DW4 and I'm doing Zhao Yun (yes, the names are really close) from DW3.

First we went to get our wigs. I got a long black one that will work really well. Then we went to a store that sells embroidered fabrics and silks and dropped a small fortune.

So far, just with todays little shopping trip I've spent a good $115 (not including tax) on the wig and fabric. 8-o This thing better look damned cool when I'm finished with it. :)

Afterwords I went to the mall to get some other stuff. I've discovered with all the traveling I'm doing, I need a bigger suitcase. My current carry-on just won't cut it anymore. Thankfully, I found a nice 30" rolling piece on sale. Hell, I could fit Ayaka into it and still have plenty of room. >:)

While I was looking for some manga, I decided to flip through Animerica to check out their anime convention coverage. To my surprise I found my picture is in it! X-O It was from our Dead or Alive group from Katsucon. It was very cool. It was the group shot with Lei Fang, Kasumi, Ayane, Jann-Lee and me as Zack taken by fansview.com. Although, for some reason the magazine lists the photos as coming from UshiCon instead of Katsucon.

Btw, Yay! Vol. 6 of Chobits if finally out! I can finally read the last two volumes. :)

Ok, off to finish watching Read or Die and then read some Chobits. :)
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