Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Dear Friends...

So tonight a whole group of us went to the Dear Friends, Music from Final Fantasy concert up in San Francisco.

The music was just beautiful and brought back so many great memories from the Final Fantasy series. I am a little sad that we missed the first song, FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC from Final Fantasy VIII. For those who don't remember, this was the theme when Edea was introduced.

I think it would have been so amazing to hear that live and in person with the chorus, but unfortunately we were looking for parking. :)

But the rest of the concert was just wonderful and I have to admit, I really loved all of the music.

iamhappycat and I had VIP tickets which let us meet and greet Nobuo Uematsu, the music composer for the Final Fantasy series. We were both able to get autographs and take pictures with him.

Take a look here, :)


I know many of you went to the concert, but I didn't see you. Next time. ;-)
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