Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

RECCACon 2005 Pictures

The pictures I took at RECCACon 2005 are up:


I didn't take that many. I was just really happy to see everyone there and relax at a con for once. :) <waves at everyone> hehehe.

I am actually really happy with the pictures I took of praedestinatio. She had a really cool costume and was a willing subject. :)


Yay for unintentional lens flair! Hahaha, I think it looks cool. :)

Also playing DOA/U with kitkat_nap rekindled my love of the series. Oh my god that game is beautiful... beware of more DOA costumes in the near future. LOL. :)

And again, thanks so much to lionboogy for taking pictures of me. Even though I told him that I wasn't IN costume... many times. LOL. :)

I call this the, "Bye Bye Bye" picture in honor of N*Sync... or is it Backstreet Boys... whatever. LOL. :)
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