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Anime Overdose 2005 Con Report

Yes, this is long overdue, but here it is anyway. :)

The short version is that I had a blast.

Not only was I able to see Miss Yuriko Fuchizaki from Sakura Taisen, but she invited all of us to sit in front at her panel and take a group picture.

That was such a highlight for me! Since I'm a big fan of Sakura Taisen!

What surprised me was that every time I've seen Psycho le Cemu, I like them more and more. I even went and got a photo taken with them. Yah, I'm a dork. :)

To top that off, aimeekitty, tristencitrine and I got together and did a photo shoot in our Sakura Taisen Revue outfits. Thanks of course to Kyle of Cosplay.com. :D

Anyway, here are the photos I took at Anime Overdose!


Here's the long version of my con report
What can I say? I had a fantastic time at AnimeOD. Not only were the guests fantastic and amazing! But I also got see old and new friends. :) It also helps that this con was local and within driving distance, so things were a lot easier. :)

Bumping into Fuchizaki-san
So the first day I get into the hotel and check in. We got a suite so it was a huge room on the top floor. It was plenty of room for everyone and considering we were all cosplayers, we needed all the room we could get. :)

I put my luggage in the room and head downstairs to see who's at the con. As I'm walking to the elevator there are two people in front of me. I quickly recognize the women as Miss Fuchzaki!! X-D X-D

I build up my courage to speak to her. We exchange hello's and chat for a bit. :) I tell her I'm a big Sakura Taisen fan and that me and my friends will be cosplaying from that. She invites me to attend her panel on Saturday as we reach the lobby. X-D

We said goodbye and I snap a picture of her before she goes. Already this was starting out to be the best convention EVER! :D EVER! X-D

Marv Wolfman
So the first panel I attended was the Teen Titans/Marv Wolfman panel. If you don't know who he is, he's the creator of the original Teen Titans comic book and is now a writer and consultant for the animated series.

He was supposed to co-host the panel with Tara Strong, but apparently she was lost somewhere in San Francisco and couldn't make it. :(

It was still an amazing panel though, he talked about his involvement with the animated series on Cartoon Network and hinted about the things he's going to be writing about.

We also talked about the previous shows he's worked on including Reboot and the original Transformers cartoon.

Speaking of Transformers, for those of you who've seen the movie, you know that Optimus Prime was killed in the movie. Apparently the powers that be did that in part to introduce a new toy line. But after the movie there was a HUGE outcry to bring back Optimus. I guess you can never discount geeks when you kill off a very popular character. :)

So in a panic they called up Mr. Wolfman and asked him to write the Return of Optimus storyline. :D

Like I said, he also worked on Reboot, a few random episodes here and there, but also the story archs in which Bob gets launched into The Web and the Enzo grows up story line.

I'm just so amazed that he worked on so many of my favorite cartoon series.

Friday Psycho le Cemu Concert
Afterwords, there wasn't that much to do for the con as it was getting late on Friday. So we went out to eat and then stood in line for the Psycho le Cemu concert.

You'd think that after seeing them at Katsucon, that I'd have had enough? Well they really impressed me with their live performance when I was there and I really wanted to see them again.

Let's just say that they rocked so much! I loved every minute of that concert. I've said before, that I had only really liked their softer songs like, Roman Hikou, but after listening to them perform in person, I began to like their harder rock songs too! X-D

This is obviously weeks after the con, but I used to not like their song, Mind Core. Now I really enjoy it. :D

Yah, their live performances really turned me around. :D Not only that, but their skit was just freakin' hilarious. The Engrish was great. X-D

After that it was back to the room to finish my costume. LOL. :) We had quite the workshop going actually, so I didn't feel that bad that I didn't finish things. :)

Miss Fuchzaki
Saturday was the big day! Miss Fuchizaki's panel was that day. And she had asked all of us in Sakura Taisen costumes to sit in the front row of her panel. X-D X-D

It was such fun, mostly because I had just finished my confetti-dot tuxedo based on the Live Action musical shows and I really wanted to show it off along with aimee, AJ and tristencitrine's Revue outfits, we were one shiny ass group! LOL. :)

The panel went very well, as they showed us how she does a voice acting session. She then had time for a Q&A.

As the same with last year, she performed the song to end the panel, Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan which is the theme song for Sakura Taisen. There's a dance that's associated with the song that's performed in the anime's intro and at the end of each musical. She asked people to come up and do the dance. As I've only learned half of it, I felt really silly to be up there, but what other chance would I have to do that!? X-D

So I did the best I could, keeping an eye on Char and Miss Fuchizaki for all the bits I didn't know. Yay, I made a fool of myself in front of a crowd of strangers and Miss Fuchzaki. X-D Ahhh, good times. :)

I'm really glad our Revue outfits turned out so well and we were able to blind many many bystandards. LOL!

Saturday PLC Concert
After that there was another rockin' PLC concert. It's just amazing how much energy their concerts have. :)

Oh I've learned something standing behind Japanese cosplayers at the concert. She had a really long orange wig as part of her Lida costume.

Holy crap that stuff holds in a lot of heat! Every time she bowed along with the concert, a blast of cold air came in. LOL Ok it's hard to explain, so this will probably be just for me. O:)

As always I had a fantastic bunch of roommates and even having the suite didn't stop us from taking up all the available space in the room. X-D Hope to see you all again soon. :)

And for those of you who have been having issues with your VIP passes. I really hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction. Good luck guys.
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