Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Bite my shiny metal ass...

Ahhh, so many DVDs to get, so little money. :(

Btw, the Futurama Season 2 DVD Set is out. Yay!

I was watching it this morning and I don't know, why but I had this strange urge to make a Zap Brannigan costume. -_- Great... I go from the idea of doing a all covering Bender costume, to Zap... -_- I really don't think I wanna show that much leg... 8-O

On other costume musings, I've been watching Last Exile. It's been licensed by Pioneer, so no more episodes for me. But, I think I'm gonna try and do Alex Low costume. I been wanting to do a costume with a cape. :D I also like how it's clipped open on the right side.

I first noticed him, and the show, in this month's issue of NewType. It has pretty good coverage of Last Exile and an overview of the Sakura Wars TV show that's finally coming out on DVD in the US.

Weee, costume musings before Otakon... yah this is bad...

I can quit anytime... really I can... yes... really...
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