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My first E3

Yay! My first E3. :D

Lots of things to see. Though I haven't had a chance to get near the PS3 or the XBox 360 yet. They all have long honking lines that I will try to stand in tomorrow.

Some of the things that I were very impressed about are under the cut.

But a general observation seems that Nintendo is really coming out with very unique and off the wall games. Things like Nintendogs. They are just so interesting and out of the mold.

I went over to Microsoft's booth to check out the XBox 360, frankly, I wasn't all that impressed. Maybe it's the games they they were showing, mostly driving and action games. But even then, they didn't look all that much better then XBox 1 games. Even my beloved DOA4 could have been done on XBox 1 I think.

As for Sony, some really good stuff coming out by Square Enix but nothing really jumping out at me. I'll see about waiting in that HUGE line to check out the PS3 though tomorrow.

Anyway, took a ton o pictures. Will post this weekend. Here's a sneak peek.

We <3 Katamari We <3 Katamari

Oh yes I do! X-D
Oh yes I do... Oh yes I do...

They only had 2 demo levels playable, but it was still fun. Mostly the same thing, but that's not always a bad thing. :)
King of All Cosmos King of All Cosmos

They made this demo specifically for E3, when you fail he actually scolds you for doing so badly and that you needed to show off the game for those attending E3. X-D
The Gameboy Micro The Gameboy Micro

I couldn't believe it, Nintendo was pulling a Sony, attaching the GBA Micro to booth models. ::roll eyes::
But it's good! But it's good!

But despite that, I got my hands on it to play with it a little bit.

It's actually really good! It's not so small that it's uncomfortable and the screen is perfectly viewable.

I think it's much more comfortable then holding an SP. Though I don't know about long term use.

It really just reminds me of using the original NES controller, just with the screen attached. X-D
Starcraft: Ghost Starcraft: Ghost

For those who have played Starcraft, which is a realtime strategy game. This is the FPS sequel. It looks *really* good and I can't wait to enter that universe again.

The trailer and the in game looks really good. I think Blizzard has another wonderful game coming up.

I'll see about waiting in line to play it tomorrow.
Ghost Ghost

A really cool model. No she's not live, just a sculpture.

Someone PLEASE make this costume! X-D
Ahhh Tecmo... Ahhh Tecmo...

How I love you and hate you at the same time. X-D

Girls from DOA4 and Ninja Gaiden.
New DOA girl New DOA girl

So they introduce the new girl (the one in the Kimono). Actually, I'm pretty sure her Kimono isn't even that short in the game. 8-D

Ahhh Tecmo. ;-)

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