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Last day of E3

Ahh the last day of E3. I had a blast! I'm really glad I came.

Met up with silvernaofficer and Andrew and ran around the convention center.

Sorry psythe! I think I wrote down the wrong phone number or something so I couldn't get a hold of you. :(

Played a lot of games this time around. I found out after I got back to Aimee's place that they had a working Magna Carta game at E3 and I missed it! X-(

Oh well, I couldn't catch everything...

I dunno, E3 is such a visual, hands on experience that you'll probably not want to read about stuff. I'll post more pictures and that'll tell the story. So enjoy the pics. I'll post more once I get home. :D

Posing with the Tecmo Girls Posing with the Tecmo Girls

Yah I know, I'm SUCH a dork.

That expression on my face? I went into "Cosplayer Posing Mode." X-D

Man I would have loved to have worn Zack to this thing just go pose in this picture! X-D

Yah, so Sony's PSP section had these clear pods that you sit in to play the latest PSP games.

They were... yah... weird. :)
Teen Titans! GO! Teen Titans! GO!

We were playing the Teen Titans game.

I was having a lot of fun being BeastBoy and changing to different animals as we were fighting the enemies. Interesting enough, you can have 4 players playing all of the Teen Titans!
Soul Calibur III Soul Calibur III

Yay for playable demos!
Playing SCIII Playing SCIII

Andrew, ACXChan and I were playing the new SCIII. It's so pretty with new characters and it's just as fun as all of the other ones. :D

Oh yah, more people need to cosplay from SC! X-D
Real Katamari ball Real Katamari ball

The Namco booth had a real Katamari and they asked people to stick stuff to it to make it as big as possible.

I took this picture right before E3 closed up.

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