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Photo of the Week: Inspiration

So following in the footsteps of didjiman, I've decided to also start posting "Photos of the Week."

For the photos I choose, they will either have some sort of sentimental value in that it reminds me of something or inspires me. Or hell, it could just be a cool photo that I've taken that I like. :)

I'll try to post one every Monday (I mean, it's better then working right?) ;-)

And for the first photo of the week:

Tina and Lei Fang (Dead or Alive Cosplay)Tina and Lei Fang (Dead or Alive) Cosplay at Anime Expo 2002

Now before you call me a fanboy... well I am. ;-) But yah, this was my first Anime Expo. The first time I went cosplaying and the first time I've seen *so* many people in costume and even cosplayers from Japan.

They were particularly memorable for me because I recognized their costumes and I was amazed that they would fly all the way from Japan to attend. I even remember how nervous I was going up to them and getting their picture. :)

Of course this is what influenced me to do my Zack costume, also from the video game, Dead or Alive.

I later found Ayaka's web site, Not Funny, and emailed her. Since then we've written to each other on and off and keep bumping into each other at Anime Expo.

When I went to Japan in 2004, she told me about the cosplay event that was held next to Comiket and we met up there as well.

I guess this is one of the catalysts for me in cosplay and in traveling.

Photo was taken using a Nikon CoolPix 950, 4mp digital camera.

Future Pictures of the Week will be posted here and on my Flickr account.
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