Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Off to Otakon!

So it's bright and early, well not so bright since it's really early... ajmeow was saintly enough to drive me to the airport at 5am. I owe her big, like giving her a kidney big.

Anyway, I get to the airport in plenty of time, but I'm using a new suitcase for this trip. Wouldn't you know it, it's over 50lbs. -_- So I have to pay extra because of the weight... this is not a good way to start out a trip. Well the bag is huge and do tend to over pack. It looks like I'm over by 7lbs. I haven't a clue what that could be. I'll just have to cram more stuff into my carry-on on the way back.

I'm blogging because, well I'm waiting to board the plane and there isn't enough time to break out the laptop to watch a movie.

So instead I'm using my PDA to enter LJ entries. So whenever I get a free moment, I'll ramble for a bit. It's not live, live but only when I get a chance to sync the PDA. Don't you just love technology?

Let's just hope it works and not nuke everything I just typed. :)

So far I haven't seen any other obvous cosplayers or Otakon goers. Don't tell me I'm the only one insane enough to head out this early. -_- Maybe I'll see some on the connecting flight out of O'Hare.

1:05pm - Chicago
Wow, O'Hare is huge and it looks pretty nice. Well for the 3 minutes of seeing it walking from my San Jose flight to the men's room and then to me Baltimore flight.

Off to Baltimore I go.

4:57pm - Baltimore
Wee I'm here! Got a shuttle and heading to the hotel now. Lili isn't checking in until 9 tonight so I'll check my luggage and wander around I guess. I'll go register for the con and see if I can find some farmilar faces.

Man is it humid here. Some of my costumes are going to be hell (Squall and Ohagmi). Lets hope the AC n the convention center is turned way up.
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