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Photo of the Week: Keeping Warm

Keeping WarmKeeping Warm in Shanghai, China, 2004

This photo was taken on my visit to Shanghai, China in 2004.

My Dad and I went to Renmin Square. It's similar to the famous (or infamous) Tiananmen Square in Beijing, except this one is in Shanghai. It's also not as big as Tiananmen.

It was an amazingly busy area with lots and lots of people. As it is with China, there's people everywhere. They were just hanging out, flying kites, playing with the large water fountain in the middle of the square. Oh yah, it was also freezing!

I guess I'm too used to having a fast paced, busy life, but I was just amazed that people would just hang out there, talking and being with their friends and family.

I was even more amazed at this couple. They were able to find a space all to themselves and since it was so cold outside, they found a perfectly good way to keep warm.

Along with seeing my parents again in Shanghai, this was one of my warmest memories of visiting Shanghai in the dead of winter.

This photo was taken with a Minolta DiMAGE A1.

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