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Otakon 2003 - Weeee!

Well so much for much for blogging during the con. Hehe, right after getting to the hotel it was doing convention stuff all the time. :)

Anyway, so what happened at my first Otakon. It was a lot of fun. :) I got to stay with Lilli, Jay, Yui and David in their room. Thanks to them, I was able to attend the convention. By the time I had planned to attend, all of the local hotels had been booked, they were a life saver. Also the honorary member of the room seemed to ayakasan. She was staying in another room for the con, but she seemed to be in our room most of the time. It started out with the fact that she needed to borrow Lilli's sewing machine, but she basically ended up staying in our room most all weekend.

I didn't make any new costumes, which was a good thing, no stressing about costumes at the last minute. :>

After arriving Thursday night we all checked in and hung out in the room. One thing about the Hyatt, is that they actually video in ports on their TVs. Jay didn't have to show off his excellence with pliers to um... have the TV accommodate the PS2. ;-)

The first people that I saw at the con was Eurobeat King and Mel. They were basically sitting near the pre-registration line. Otakon had a line for people who pre-registered to pick up their badges Thursday night. Oh boy, that line got huge in a hurry. The hour for that was 7pm-11, but there was people lined up at 5pm.

Oh talk about a small world. I was taking a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, and one of the people in the shuttle was also attending Otakon. Not a big surprise, but we were talking and he started talking about his friend Dawn. At first I thought, nah, that's not the Dawn I know. But he then mentioned about her living in Virginia and helping him with armor and boom. Yah, it was her. :) He was dressing up as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and Dawn was helping him out with it. I also saw him in the Masquerade.

After we all checked in to the hotel, the topic had switched to the new game, Chaos Legion, which was released that day. Everyone wanted to see it so Lilli was going to drive everyone to a local video game store. The car wouldn't fit everyone, so I volunteered stay behind. It was ok, people were calling me to go see them. Yah, I got a lot of calls when I arrived in Baltimore. :)

So I went and got in line waiting for the pre-reg. Oh jez, that line had started wrapping around the convention center. I ran into DiqitalDreams, Sami, Kellie, Michi and a whole group of people. Basically it turned into a line party, which made waiting outside in the hot and humid weather bearable. Though were were bitching about the weather every few feet as the line moved. :>

After I got back to the room, Chaos Legion arrived. :) It's actually a very interesting game, and people were already taking dibs on the costumes from it. :> Well, considering there were only 3 humans in the game, the list was quite short. :> I actually saw a couple of Chaos Legion costumers at the con!


I do what I usually do and go out in costume and get pictures. Because of the hot and humid weather and sort of a late start in the day, I went out as Johnny. That costume really doesn't get much wear time so I thought I'd change that. There was also a Dance Dance Revolution group that was planned that day. I hadn't participated in one before. It was really fun. :) Good to see I'm not the only idiot running around in a DDR costume. And they actually recognized me! :-D We got some pictures and talked. Many of them were on Cosplay.com, but I found out this weekend, almost *everyone* is on it now, so it's not that much of a surprise. :>

I was going to do the Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball gathering, but I sorta missed it. :-( I did see G-Chan running around in her Ayane and heard second hand that there were a few others in DOAX bikinis. Aww well, next time I guess. :)

I did go running around in my Zack costume for a bit. Boy was that a difference in costumes. :> I virtually got no attention with Johnny, but yah... Zack was popular, I know, not a big surprise. I basically move more then a few feet before someone stopped me and ask for my picture. It was cool though, I was able to recruit a few other DOA cosplayers in the process for the DOA gathering on Saturday.

Costuming aside, it was great seeing a lot of east coast people that I've talked to online but getting to meet them in person was great.

Also finally got to see megumi_gurl. Yay! She was wearing her EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) costume. She was so cute. :> She even let me get a few pictures where I got to pose her and stuff.

That night I went to dinner with all of my roommates and Maggie, who was doing a masquerade for Otakon. Lilli had asked me to join it on her behalf and we were meeting for the first time. I was going to be the henchmen in the skit with my Nanbara costume. I had actually seen her before at ACen. She was the Suu from Clover with the fantastic wings. This time she was cosplaying Balmung from .hack.

After dinner we went back to the room and I then went back to the convention center to checkout what was going on. Oh man, there were tons of people there. lionboogy was telling me that since it's sorta dangerous out at night, and there was nothing to do around the convention center, they tend to have events in the center late at night. There was a "radio station" basically a booth playing music. There was a dance, and actually a few panels and game shows going on. megumi_gurl and I were sitting at one of the couches in the convention center, and there was just a huge stream of people walking by for a couple of hours. It was insane. There were actually official events until 2am in the morning.

Well I didn't stay that late, and went back to the room to crash. Again, ayakasan stayed over to work on her Sugar costume. Unfortunately, Yui, Ayaka nor Lilli got much sleep over the weekend, since they were working on costumes. :-(

Saturday - Jump, Duck, Die:

Oh boy, it's Saturday. Well I was able to make it to the Dead or Alive gathering. It was a very nice turnout and we were able to get some great pictures, with a nice variety of costumes from the game. Sara was there as our lovely Kasumi. Dustin was doing Ein. I met him at Katsucon where he was our Bayman. We also got a lot of other characters including a Helena, a couple of Ayanes, a Hitomi and DiqitalDreams as our Lei Fang. We got some pretty good pictures in front of the convention fountain.

Afterwards I went to change into Squall for the Cosplay.com gathering, and to fill in for the Final Fantasy VIII gathering in case they needed a Squall. Me, Yui and Ayaka all missed the Cosplay.com gathering. Apparently it started *right* on time, at 1pm sharp. We got there about 20 min after the hour. -_- Oh well, you can never see me in those group pictures anyway.

I was able to get some great pictures with the FFVIII group. There were some amazing costumes there. I had to leave before the group dispersed, but from the looks of it they had just about everyone from the cast, including a few of the minor characters.

After that, it was crunch time for the masquerade. We all went to Maggie's room to figure out what we were doing. We talked over what was going on, and listened to our pre-recorded dialog and stuff. We then ran to the masquerade craftsmanship judging, since the costumes that Maggie was wearing and the Suu she was lending to Ayaka were just amazing. The judges seemed very impressed with how all of the armor and wings were constructed. I have to say, wing wise there was nothing at the con that came close.

We then went to rehearse our skit. Unfortunately we really couldn't hear the pre-recorded music from Maggie's laptop, and it didn't help that the T.M. Revolution concert was going on next door where we were practicing. So we went ahead and just practiced as much as possible.

That's actually where the "Jump, Duck, Die" thing came from. There's a small fight seen in which I have to jump back from Maggie's sword, duck, then die when she stabs me and fall off stage left. However, being the doof that I am, I kept screwing it up by ducking first or something silly like that. So after a while I just kept chanting, "Jump, Duck, Die" over and over to make sure I would remember. It became this silly mantra I had for the night. :)

It was actually pretty cool being back stage. A little boring though and the only view of the stage that we had was from what was projected. We were at the mercy of the camera man, which from all accounts wasn't very good. :(

A few of memorable skits where the Super Smash Brothers group. They were just hilarious and the costumes were also amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off of the Samus from Metroid! They had reenacted parts of the game with the sound effects and everything. The costumes were really well done as well, they won 3 awards including craftsmanship and best in show.

Will's Battle Royale group was there too and they they won an award. It was very cool, they had a well choreographed fight scene and even break dancing. :) Yes, the Will-Fangirl Brigade added a few hundred new members that night. ;-)

The PacMan group from Katsucon made an appearance with a much improved skit! This time, the ghosts would change colors and when PacMan ate the ghosts, all that would be left were the eyes!

The guy who did a DDR costume had amazing moves. Yah, the costume was simple, but he danced magnificently. There were few jokes about it being really Michael Jackson (ie, the contestant was white). ;-) He was in the DDR gathering that I was in on Friday.

Ok, and the Witch Hunter Robin, hit the sweet spot in my heart. I love the show and the women who made the costume did a wonderful job on it. She's also really cute. ;-)

A complete list of the winners are up on Fansview.com.

Oh yah, we're on that list too, for Best Workmanship - Novice Class. All thanks to Maggie's amazing Balmung (.hack) and Suu (Clover) costumes! :) She got complimented on the wings every time we took a step to trying to get back to the hotel. :)

As for our skit, Maggie was Balmung, ayakasan was Suu, Indira was Darcia (Wolf's Rain) and I was Nanbara (Hand Maid May).

Oh! Random thing about our masquerade experience. Because we had to register late for the masquerade, Lilli and Maggie didn't know what ayakasan's last name was (we were all sleeping at the time they registered), so they made up something! LOL! It was... "Scrag" or something impossibly random like that. :)

Anyway, on our awards certificate, it lists all of our names, including Ayaka's massively fake name! X-D She was saying how funny it was, that she won an award, wearing someone else's costume, and using someone else's name. ROTFL...

Also since Indira was wearing Yui's Darcia costume, *everyone* came up to her and asked if she was Yui. Kind of a memorable costume. :>

Oh and massive MASSIVE thanks to Greg who was Maggie's roommate and our "handler." Not only did he help make the costumes, but he helped everyone put them on, run back to the room to get stuff as we were rehearsing, getting us water, carrying our bags, and just generally being a good guy as we were freaking out about our skit.

The skit itself turned out really well! Especially considering I had no idea what I was doing and missing all of my cues. X-O It was a *lot* of fun working with everyone. My only wish is that we had a chance to practice more, but hey, I always worry about that. :)

Maggie was gracious enough to buy us all dinner. Unfortunately, everything we closed so we had to order room service. I have to say the food was *really* good. I'm not sure if it was the food or the fact that I hadn't eaten anything that entire day... :) We hung out for a while and talked, trying not to fall asleep as we waited for the food.

When I finally checked my phone, I got a message from ajmeow congratulating us on our award! 8-O How the hell did she know about it so fast. Apparently FansView posted the award winners that same night. Wow!

Greg showed us some photos he took that day, and the ones he got at Anime Expo.

I wish I had taking more pictures Saturday. :( Oh well.


Ahh, Sunday, the last day of the con. Wow, did the weekend go by fast. Walked around in my Squall costume. I realized that I didn't wear my Ohgami costume at all, but with the heat, it wouldn't have been practical. I finally got around to checking out the dealer room a little more. Met up with megumi_gurl again to do some shopping. Ran into lionboogy.

Finally got to meet cirrussilvus! I had missed her the whole convention. :( Thankfully she recognized me and came by to say hi!

I didn't find everything I wanted, but got a good deal on the Gatekeepers 21 Vol 2 DVD and the Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door DVD. That's about it, I didn't spend much money in the dealer room at all, which is a good thing. I can use my left over budget on paying off my credit card bills. :>

Lionel was nice enough to offer to drive me back to the airport. Our flights were half an hour apart and it saved me from trying to get a shuttle. That man is amazing. :>

I said my goodbyes to everyone. The worst part of every con. :(

My flight back was pretty uneventful. The only thing of note was that my luggage was still overweight. :( I may have to buy a smaller suitcase, I think the weight of the suitcase itself is part of the problem. Also on my connection in Denver, we picked up this teenage girl's soccer team, that was siting right behind me...

Oh man... hyper teenage girls... I just kept thinking to myself... damn it knowing my luck there would be a sky marshall on this flight. Also, it would be impossible to hide the bodies on a plane, and the smell for the next 2 hours would be unbearable...

So I watched episodes of Last Exile and E's Otherwise and turned the volume waaaaay up. :P

More stuff that I forgot to talk about
Duh... how could I forget. celestemoweaqua was one of the judges at the masquerade! That was cool. She said I did a good job in my part in the skit. X-D That's good to hear. :> It was either that or just more incentive for me to do another skit and make an idiot of myself. :>

It was strange, for such a big convention like Otakon, I couldn't believe there were only 28 skits. This was not including the walk-on costumers. Hell, we were number 36 on the list, so I don't know what happened to everyone.

Another funny story, was that I ran into Anya. It was great to see her again! I first met her in person at ACen. Anyway, at ACen she wore her Peorth costume. As part of that costume Peorth has a rune and "Peorth" on her bikini bottoms.

So when I saw her I said something like, "Wow, you actually put that on your butt!" Sorta as a joke, but then she told me yah and if I would like to take a picture. 8-O Ok, yes I'm a guy and normally this is where I die a happy otaku. :) But, if you know me and my cosplay photography, I don't take pictures of people's asses, no matter how cute they are. :) But I've never been asked to do it by someone before! X-O

Anyway, so back to Otakon. We were talking and she was telling me how she found all these pictures of her ass on various fanboy sites. :P Anya told me that there should only be one picture and it's on my site, and that I have the official Peorth butt photo. 8-O

Muhahaha, I almost died laughing. :)

www.divideby0.com - Home of Anya's Official Butt Photo. X-D
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