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Photo of the Week: Harajuku Station, Tokyo, Japan

Harajuku Station, Tokyo, JapanHarajuku Station, Tokyo, Japan

This picture was then on my trip to Japan in Dec 2004. Dec 31 actually. I took the JR train to the Harajuku station where I was going to meet up with my friend, Hitori.

As I was waiting I thought I'd try to take some pictures. This guy was sitting next to me waiting for a train. I dunno, I just thought this shot looks cool. I hope he didn't mind. :) Me being a tourist and all. :)

Ironically, I was waiting for her in the station and she was waiting for me outside the station entrance. So we missed each other. We did bump into each other later on that day though. :) We did some shopping, got some food and then got snowed on. LOL. Fun times. :>

This picture was taken with my Minolta DiMAGE A1.

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