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Photo of the Week: Freezing in Shinjuku

Freezing in ShinjukuFreezing in Shinjuku

This picture was taken on my trip to Japan in December of 2004. I went to Shinjuku to do some shopping. Oh did I mention clothes in Japan was expensive? :)

It's winter time and the thing that struck me was the girls. They are still wearing mini skirts. Sure they are all bundled up above the waist, but wearing almost nothing below the waist.

I... just don't get it. Sure, as a guy I'm very grateful, but damn aren't you girls COLD? X-D

It's not like a California winter either, the day before it was snowing and it has to be a good 40 degrees F or less on the day I took this picture.

Ahh what women suffer through for fashion and for that I thank you all. ;-)

Camera: Minolta DiMAGE A1

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