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Photo of the Week: See you next year!

See You Next Year!See you next year!

Actually this is "Psylocke" cosplaying as Ashe from the upcoming Final Fantasy XII. I took this picture of her back stage at the San Diego Comic Con masquerade.

So why the odd title?

Well it's funny. I only see "Psylocke" once a year. Usually at Comic Con and usually backstage. It's weird when you only see someone once a year. We chit chat for a bit, I take a few pictures.

It got me thinking about things. How a year sounds like such a long time and yet it comes in a flash. The only thing that reminds me that a year has gone by is when major events happen. Birthdays, Comic Con things like that.

Since I only see her once a year and usually take a picture, it's interesting how people have changed and how I've changed.

For instance, the first picture I took of her was in her Psylocke costume in 2002. Back then it was just the novelty of taking pictures of all the amazing people in costume as I walk around in my put together Squall costume. Very much point and shoot.

Then the year after that in 2003, I took a picture of her Wild Cats costume. Around this time I started learning about using clean backgrounds, decent lighting. Still interested in taking picture of the entire costume, which is great and all and I think I did a good job here. Using natural lighting with a plain background to show off her and her costume.

Then in 2004, once again at Comic Con I took a picture of her KOS MOS costume from XenoSaga. I think this is when I started getting more "artistic." In addition to taking picture of the entire costume, I started thinking about poses, framing, lighting and... well making the picture more interesting. I really liked how this picture turned out. With the darker lighting, the pose she was in, using the corner of the doorway, etc. There's a picture in this set that she's told me is her favorite picture. That's always fantastic to hear. :)

And here comes 2005. Just getting back from Comic Con. Just like clockwork I meet "Psylocke" again. We chit chat, I take a few pictures of her. I meet her sister and her boyfriend backstage. I'm still working on my photography. Heaven knows I have a long way to go photographically. I'm still working on my framing, use of background and light. I like this shot because of the way I used the hallway and again, low lighting, and using the lens flare. I'm not entirely happy with the picture. The model of course is fantastic, there's no doubt about that. :) But the high image noise and a few other things bother me. Oh well. This picture has more... I guess sentimental value then anything else. It's sort of like a tradition.

Only time will tell how much I grow next year and whether I bump into "Psylocke" again. I'm already pre-registered for next year's Comic Con so the first step is there. :)

See you next year! :)

Photo taken with a Minolta DiMAGE A1.

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