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Photo of the Week: Woohoo! I'm at E3!

Woohoo! I'm at E3!Woohoo! I'm at E3!

Yah, that basically says it all. :) For those who don't know, E3 stands for The Electronic Entertainment Expo which is a video game trade show. Many companies go to announce their latest games and video game consoles.

For instance, at this particular E3, the big three console makers, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo announced their "next generation" consoles. The Playstation 3, the XBox 360 and the Nintendo Revolution.

It was very exciting to go and see everything. I may not be much of a "gamer" in that I don't spend a whole lot of time gaming now a days, but I'm one in my heart and I love to see the latest games and latest tech.

So what's with the picture?

Well that was my one "indulgence" so to speak. E3 is known for their "booth models." At the Tecmo booth they happen to have models dressed up from their games like the Dead or Alive fighting series and Ninja Gaiden. I couldn't resist getting up there and taking a picture with them. :)

Yes, I'm a guy. :)

Anyway, it was such an awesome week and it was fantastic to be able to make it to the video game "Mecca" for the first time. :)

To read more, I have a few LJ entries of when I was there.

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