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Join the Guild...

Yep, been playing Guild Wars for the past couple of days.

Wow, it's a fun game. I haven't played such an immersive game in a long time.

I see this game as very much like Diablo. A hack and slash "dungeon crawler."

Anyway, if I do start posting like made about the game, I'll make sure to put it under lj-cuts. :)

Here are some pictures of this lovely game. Sadly my laptop is woefully underpowered so I have to turn a lot of the detail settings off. :(

My Character's name is Ivy Flambe. Hahah! I chose that name because with that hair she looks like Ivy from Soul Calibur. I thought she looked cool with auburn hair though so I tried to use "Ivy Flame" but that was taken, so I went with a sillier name. X-D

My main character is a Necromancer. I just love the fact that I can summon undead zombies to fight for me. In groups, I can basically raise an army and sit back to watch the carnage. This is very similar to how Necromancers worked in Diablo II as well.

It should, since a lot of the people who developed Diablo II worked on this game too. :)

I've so far tried Rangers and Necromancers. I basically chose those characters because they looked the coolest. X-D I'm also not much of a melee fighter, so I don't know if I will play the Warrior at all. Based on appearance I'll probably try out the Mesmers (status changers) and Elementalists (magic users) next.

Yah, I think the girls look cooler then the boys. I've already had a group asking what I really am behind the avatar. LOL! :)

Errr, crap, I think our group's warrior is hitting on me. -_-;

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