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Happy Birthday Tiff!


Happy Birthday Tiff! Thanks for inviting me to the dinner. It was great seeing everyone there and catching up. :)

Took the Canon 350D to Japantown. I wanted to try some low light photography outside and inside the restaurant. I set it to 1600 ISO and thought that was enough.

As you can see, it wasn't. X-/ The one photo I took with a flash, turned out really well. The non-flash photos turned out ok, but there was a lot of post processing to do, mostly sharpening because there was just too much motion blur in low light. I was also using the 28-105mm/3.5-4.5 lens, because I knew I wouldn't have enough distance with my 50mm. So that might be it too, my lens was too slow.

Eh, learning experience. :)

Oh! I also shot some RAW photos. Yes, it was fantastic for fixing white balance, but other then that, I dunno if it's quite worth the extra work. I think with the private shoots at PMX, I'll shoot RAW+JPG and shoot JPG the rest of the time and give that a try.
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