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Photo of the Week: Are they gone yet?

Are they gone yet?Are they gone yet?

One of the biggest worries I had when AJ was going to rent a room from me was her cats. Now, I really like cats, but I wasn't sure about actually living with them.

And as with all things, you don't appreciate them until they are gone. Now, despite all the trouble they've caused, ripping up things, peeing on things, sitting on the fabric that you're cutting, "meowing" at 6am because they are hungry, eating all the plants, shedding everywhere... wow, this list is longer then I thought. ;-)

But they were fun to have around, especially during the winter before we got the heating fixed. They were wonderful lap warmers. X-D

At AJ and Judy's recent housewarming party, they were pretty skittish, probably from all of the people in the house. So I went cat hunting with my camera and tried to take pictures of them.

Now photographing cats is just... interesting. LOL But fun as well. I wonder if real wildlife photography is anything like this. ;-) But yah, taking pictures of pets is always fun, so I'd like to share some of my favorites.

Bobo and Yoyo, Awwwww...

Now behave yourselves boys and enjoy your new digs. :>

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