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Review: Logitech V500 Cordless Notebook Mouse

So I'm mostly on my notebook when I use a computer. It comes with a touchpad like with most laptops nowadays.

I do like using the mouse for when I'm editing photos. I've been using a tiny wireless mouse by Elecom, a Japanese company. I actually picked it up at the Narita airport in Tokyo. :)

But the downside with that mouse is that it's actually too small. It's great for when you're packing things and doesn't take up much space in my gear back, but it cramps my hands when I use it for too long. Another gripe I have with it is that it's too sensitive. I have to turn down the mouse sensitivity when I'm using the mouse, and turn it back up when I'm using the touchpad. I know it's a small peeve, but still annoying.

So after I saw the Logitech V500 I thought I found the perfect replacement. It's sleek, sexy (for a non-Apple product), wireless and just cool looking. :) But I sure wasn't going to get it for $70. 8-/ It's recently dropped in price to $40 online, so I picked it up.

I've used it for a little bit now and I do like it, but it's still not the perfect mouse.

First the pluses.

  • It's a nice size for a travel mouse. Big enough to be comfortable to hold, but small enough to throw in a gear back.

  • It looks cool. :)

  • The mouse itself is a good weight and runs on 2 AAA batteries.

  • It's wireless. It comes with a 2.4ghz USB wireless transmitter. Just plug it into any USB port and your mouse starts working. No wires to get tangled up in. There's also a litle compartment to store your USB transmitter in the mouse itself. The reason why I got the Japanese mouse. Harder to lose when you keep it inside the mouse.

  • It replaces the scroll wheel with a touch strip. So instead of rolling a wheel to scroll, you just slide your finger along the touch strip. It works really well actually. The plus side is that if you install the included driver, you can use the touch strip to scroll side to side too.

    Apparently this is great if you navigate spreadsheets or the like, but honestly I haven't used the side scrolling much.

    Another nice touch is that if you leave your finger in the up or down position, it will continue to scroll without moving your finger.

  • It comes with a battery warning light. I just got it, so I don't know how long the mouse will last after the warning light goes off, but it's a great feature so you don't get a nasty surprise.
  • The mouse driver can tell the difference between the build in touchpad and the mouse. So you can set different sensitivities for each one. The big downside of my Elecom mouse was solved. It also allows you to set the speed for the up and down scrolling and side scrolling.

  • From what I can tell, the optical sensor is good. I haven't had any trouble using it on different surfaces.

So here are a few not so great things about this mouse.

  • My biggest gripe is that it's still not quite big enough to be the only mouse I use. I've used it to edit photos in Photoshop and after a while my hand still started to get sore. My old wired Logitech mouse is big enough that I can use it for hours and hours playing video games with no problems. So I'm a bit disappointed in that, but for casual uses it's fine. And again, it's much easier to carry around then a large wired mouse. And no wires to get tangled in.

  • Why is the driver 22megs? That's just silly. Yah I have an 80gig harddrive on my computer so it's not a big deal, but still. What a waste of space for just a driver! I think the bulk of that space is being taken up by tutorial animations and the like. Um... it's a mouse with a few nifty features, I don't need a tutorial to tell me how to use it.

  • To turn on the mouse, you flip a switch and it expands. It's supposed to be more comfortable, but I wonder if it would be more comfortable to use if it was compacted. But alas, you can't use it that way.

  • It makes a very quiet clicking noise when you use the touch strip to scroll. I guess that's to give the user an audible que that the mouse is scrolling. I think it would have been nice if you could turn off the clicking all together. It may or may not annoy you, I don't mind it myself.

So is the V500 a good wireless travel mouse for $40? Yes it is. Is it a good $70 mouse (retail price). No... I'd definitely buy it for $40 or less online if you're interested.

The size is still too small to be the only mouse you use or to use as a gaming mouse. So I would not suggest this if this will be the only mouse you use.

I'd really suggest you try the mouse out to see if it fits your hand more then anything else. Feature wise this mouse rocks! Wireless and neat touch strip to replace the scroll wheel.

Oh yah, the only real reason I'm writing this review, is to avoid going out and picking up an iPod nano. ;-)
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