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Photo of the Week: Parents


Recent events have made me think about the side of my family still living in Taiwan. That and thinking of my own parents.

The last time we were all together in one place was in January. I was visiting Shanghai, China during my winter vacation.

We took this picture at my Mom's company lobby. Yes, I'm cheating, this photo was actually taken by the company CEO and not by me, but I don't care. :)

That was my last day in Shanghai. My Dad and I went to visit my Mom before heading off to the airport. It was funny, she actually took me around the lab to introduce me to all of her co-workers. It was weird, waving through the window of the clean room to all of the people working on making fiber optic stuff. It was sweet. :)

This is also appropriate since it's the end of the Moon Festival. I hope you all had some moon cake. Yum! :-9

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