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Photo of the Week: Feeding the Birds

Feeding the BirdsFeeding the Birds

I was just looking over some of my photos from Shanghai. I just thought this one was really cool. :)

This was my first time going alone to Renmin Square in Shanghai, which means "The People's Square." It's equivalent to Tiananmen Square in Beijing. It's a central place for people to gather and relax. It's obviously not as huge as Tiananmen.

I was walking to the underground shopping mall when I saw this woman feeding the birds in the park. There were just so many of them! It was also really cool that I was able to catch one of the birds in mid-flight as I was taking the picture. :)

You can see in the background I wasn't the only one taking photos.

This was taken with my Kyocera SL400R point and shoot.

This post was when I went to Renmin Square with my Dad if you want to read about my experience in the underground mall a few days before. :)

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