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Photo of the Week: Lots of Firsts

Lots of Firsts

The picture is of the Dir en Grey group at PMX this year. I think fondly of this picture and the subsequent photoshoot because it was one of many firsts that weekend.

As most of you know I've been cosplaying for a while now. Ever since my second anime convention, I've almost always taken a costume with me. But PMX was new. Not only was I purposefully not taking a costume, but also doing my first photoshoot with a group of people that I'd never met before.

Not only that, but I was using a new camera (Canon EOS 350D), my first DSLR, and my first time attending PMX.

Anyway, what can I say? I had a wonderful time doing their photoshoot as well as the other photoshoots that I did that weekend. I have to say, that I had as much fun as I ever did cosplaying. It makes sense, I guess. Both hobbies involve a level a creativity and interacting with people that I normally don't have during my day job.

And hey, people actually listen to you when you have a scary looking camera pointed at them and promise them good pictures. X-D

The other thing that I was really pleasantly surprised was that the photos actually turned out really well. I personally liked how they turned out and just as importantly, the cosplayers really liked them too. It was happiness all around.

So yah, this is the dilemma I'm starting to have when I attend conventions now. Do I go and cosplay, which I still really enjoy doing. Or do I go and take photos, which I also enjoy doing. It's going to be interesting how I balance the two now. But, it's still a win-win situation. I'm having fun doing both things, so I should stop bitching. X-D

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