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Wow, I can't believe we're almost there.

Thanks to positivespace for styling my blonde wig. Good grief, I'm going to be blonde. 8-O

It's funny, this has really turned into a group effort. kitkat_nap, positivespace, praedestinatio and I have been meeting at ajmeow's place to "sweatshop" these costumes. Making straps, punching rivets in them, putting the buckles in, etc.

This all came about when I went to Comiket last year. I saw this amazing group of cosplayers. After coming back, I realized they were from the Gilgamesh anime. I found the anime because one of my favorite songs by Koda Kumi was CRAZY 4 U which is what the anime uses for the theme song. Since then, Gilgamesh has been licensed by ADV. Honestly, the original Japanese web site is much better.

Oh yah, the anime isn't all that great, IMHO, but the costumes are cool. So who cares. ;-)

Anyway, I made an off comment about it in LJ oh so long ago. Saying that I'd want to make the costume. I mean come on, it's vinyl and has buckles and belts everywhere! They look awesome. I honestly wasn't recruiting or anything. Then all of a sudden people wanted to join my "group." LOL :)

Here's who we have so far.

Man, I still can't believe we're almost there. And as the girls have said, why the hell are we putting so much work into these costumes for YaoiCon of all places? LOL X-D

Anyway, hopefully those who are attending this weekend will see us in all of our vinyl, buckled glory.

See you there. :>
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