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Yaoi Con 2005

What can I say? It was Yaoi Con? LOL

The most pervasive quote during the con was, "What happens at Yaoi Con, stays at Yaoi Con." LOL X-D

But seriously, although it was stressful getting up to the con, over all it was a blast.

My partners in crime for our, Gilgamesh group, ajmeow, kitkat_nap, positivespace, and praedestinatio. It was just so much fun and I have to say, we looked freakin' awesome together! :)

Thanks a million to our photographer, lionboogy for some of the wonderful photos and poses and background ideas and everything. I can't wait for him to share the photos with us and in turn with everyone else! :)

Edit: Yay! Lionel posted our photos!

The Bishi Auction. Just... wow... I think I said that a lot during the auction too. The big surprise of course was the co-MC, Lady Saya (yes she was a woman, a very hot woman, IMHO) went for a whopping $125,000!!! Yes, that's in US dollars. Still wondering how much of that is real. Hell, when they announced her surprise auction (actually, it was a total surprise to her as well! X-D ) I tried to grab the nearest auction card and throw in my bid. But ahh, the price skyrocketed in seconds.

I dunno what I was thinking, but as the bid went to astronomical numbers, I did go on stage, tip Lady Saya and then kiss the back of her hand. X-D Yah, I'm such a dork. ROTFL! :)

Edit: The Yaoi-Con LJ posted an statement that the auction was just a prank. Darn, no use in saving up my pennies for next year then. ;-)

But mostly, the con was about seeing and talking with people. As always, I met a whole bunch of new people and saw old friends. It was just a blast talking about the strangest things until ungodly hours of the night.

But who cares about that right?

Liddo-chan and Lionel... yes that's LIONEL as Rukia. I swear to god, I didn't know that was him until he came up to me and talked to me. X-D

Thanks to kitkat_nap for taking all of the photos at the Bishi auction. Yah, I'll admit it, I was afraid to take photos in there. X-D

The lovely Mistresses of the Bishi Auction.

"Oh my..." I think I said that at *least* a few hundred times that night. Oh yah, that was Lionel's camera. He asked me to take photos of the Bishi auction since he needed to run an errand. So much for plan A, LOL! :)

Just having a ball!

Just some of the happenings on stage at the auction. Yah, this is the tame stuff. 8-O

And this is the, not-so-tame stuff. Yes, that's two guys on the stage there... yep... yes it is...

Just a hot picture of Lady Saya. Who needs any other excuse? Kim, I owe you. ;-)

Good times had by all. ;-)

I think positivespace is just borrowing a bishi right here... yah... ;-)

A piano. LOL :D

Man, I totally forgot I was even IN costume at this point. Yay for HanaKimi! :)

Black and white. ;-)

I didn't get a chance to wear my Rude this weekend after all. Man I was TIRED on Sunday, but that didn't stop me from grabbing Reno and Rufus around for pictures. :D

What did I start this post with, "What happens at Yaoi Con..."

Sums up the con for me. ;-)

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