Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Oh for the love of... The Dead or Alive (DOA) Movie Trailer


Err yah...

Yah, I know I should be expecting much, but oh man this trailer looks bad. X-D

It sort of looks like a bad blend of Mortal Kombat and Charlie's Angels. Actually, I think two of the girls (Tina and Christie?) were in the Mortal Kombat movies. X-D

Well... at least the girls are hot, though I'm not sure if Kasumi was cast right. Oh well...

Yah, basically this will be a T&A fighting movie with a video game license.

There is a beach volleyball scene. LOL! Oh and please, that bra fighting seen... -_-

Oh well, I'm probably still going to see it, but man I'm going to be cringing a lot! X-D

And before you ask, NO I WILL NOT BE WEARING ZACK TO THE MOVIE THEATRE. That would just be very wrong on so many levels.
Tags: dead or alive, movies
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