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Photo of the Week: Karma Shenjing

Karma ShenjingKarma Shenjing

So this was my first time taking photos at a concert. Now most of you know concerts tend to be dark so taking photos, without a flash, is really difficult. Now going into this I thought that most of my shots were going to be just blurry messes, but I went on shooting anyway. I mean, at least a few pictures are going to turn out right?

So the first few bands that were playing at J-Rock Connection I used as test cases. Taking photos and then adjusting settings on my camera until the photos turned out.

As usual in new situations, I learned a lot about taking photos at a concert. With all of the band members moving around constantly and the weird lighting. You really have to be on your toes to frame the right shot.

For me, I went with a really high ISO setting (1600 ISO) and went to continuous focus, so the camera is always auto-focusing.

Anyway, there was a lot of photos that didn't turn out, but the ones that did were really amazing. No one was more surprised at how well the photos turned out then me. Though I did hear endless praise at the con when I showed people print outs and afterwords when I posted them online.

The best reaction of course was when I printed out a picture of each of the band members of Karma Shenjing to give to them as a present. The look of... amazement was priceless! One of the staff actually asked me if I was a professional photographer. X-D Best compliment ever!

Anyway, I think my favorite picture has to be the closeup of Rairin, the lead singer. So that's my choice for picture of the week. :) You can see the rest of the photos in my J-Rock Connection concert coverage.

Camera: Canon 350D/Rebel XT with a Canon 85mm/f1.8 lens.

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