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Gilgamesh Photoshoot in San Francisco

Thanks so much to dmk26 for our photoshoot in SF this last weekend. :)

ajmeow, kitkat_nap, praedestinatio and I went into the city to take some photos of our Gilgamesh costumes.

I was actually looking forward to the abandoned building we were going to use as a backdrop, but unfortunately it was torn down and all that's left now is a hole in the ground. X-D

But the office building, the pier and using the BART station worked out wonderfully. As expected the girls got a few car honks and some cat-calling. Some more creative then others. ;-)

The best part had to be using the BART station and then using an empty BART train car.

We used an empty corner of the BART station, but from my vantage point all of the people waiting for the train and all the holiday shoppers craned their necks around the corner to see what the heck we were doing. And to admire our well made costumes of course. ;-)

The photos on the BART train itself are so cool. That and the fact we had to time our poses so that we wouldn't fall on our asses when the train started or stopped. :) One conductor was nice enough to even wait for us. ;-)

Fun times. Thanks dmk26! :)

Gilgamesh Photoshoot in San Francisco

PS. On behalf of jinyo, I'm changing my "Gilgamesh" LJ tag to Gilgasmex X-D
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