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Ooops, I'm behind...

Finally got some time to check out Usagichan. And of course Lionel was nice enough to feature us again on his Yaoi Con coverage. Yes, if you're not sick of me posting about it yet, it's our Gilgamesh group. :) (Damn it, I'm really proud of this project!) :)

Lionel's description of course refers back to Yaoi Cons gone by in which he was nice enough to put us in a seperate section.

Samurai Champloo last year. Good god, my first crossplay effort. -_- And our Artbook Saiyuki the year before that.

Crap, this will probably mean we'll need to come up with something next year too huh? How are we going to top ourselves this time? The 30 yards of vinyl, 500 buckles and over 1000 rivets for Gilgamesh. Does this mean we'll need a fully working mech or something. -_- Wait, that doesn't really fall in the yaoi theme... Hmm... Oh well, we'll probably think of something. X-D

Hey, I'm going to Comiket, maybe I'll find some inspiration there. That's how Gilgamesh came about. X-D

PS: I think this has to be my dumbest photo caption to date X-D

Anyway, in NON-Gilgamesh news, check out some of the new costumes in Dead or Alive 4. I like Helena's new outfit (upper right photo), though I'm not sure what the heck Lei Fang (lower left) is wearing? Is she like... a milk maid?
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