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JTAF pictures, Take 2

Ooops, sorry everyone. I was doing things in a hurry before my flight and I screwed things up. The photos should load normally now.

Sumimasen <bows>

And yes, I'm editing this from our apartment in Shinjiku, Japan. :)

And yes, I've been saying Sumimasen a lot already. O:)


So kitkat_nap, positivespace and I were going to attend JTAF in San Francisco as Turks as Elena, Reno and Rude.

But then it rained. -_-

With all the makeup on the bald cap and the red color spray for positivespace's hair, we would have turned into scary messes with makeup running everywhere.

So positivespace came up with the BRILLIANT idea of doing, Turks: The Prequel. We'd still be Turks, but we just wouldn't bother with the massive amount of make-up.

And thus was became: Reno would now be Vegas. Rude would be Ambivalent and Alena would be Anele. X-D

Turks: The Prequel

Thanks to ghostfaceposta for the last pic of us being silly. X-D Yes, this is an actual scene from the Turks cell phone game... yep... yes it is. ;-)

Why is there an X-Mas tree in Shin-Ra headquarters? 8-/

Mmmm, Vegas in deep thought over which crepe to get...

Got a few pictures of ajmeow, kitkat_nap and twjudy in their Fruits Basket costumes.

So later that night, we left the crowds of JTAF and went to Karaoke... OMG, WARNING Dorkiness ahead! X-D
What the Turks do after hours...

Just look at the stars in my eyes. LOL!

Can you just *FEEL* the emotion!

Holy cow, did we really look like that? X-D

Everyone SING!

I'm *this* close to making this my default LJ icon. ;)
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