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Japan: Ueno

So we decided to go to Ueno today. Since praedestinatio wanted to see the setting for Tokyo Babylon or was it X? Some Clamp manga...

We happened upon the Ueno Zoo there and spent the day checking out the animals. They were cool. :)

Breakfast Breakfast

We went to Mister Donut that's about a block away from our apartment. I had a chocolate donut and a hot dog pastry of some kind. I also ordered the hot milk tea that came in it's only little kettle.
School boy School boy

As we were waiting on the subway platform, this kid was just standing off by himself. Waiting for the next train I guess.
Ueno walkway Ueno walkway

I think this was the walkway that went toward Ueno park. It just looks so beautiful the way tht trees are situated. I can't imagine how pretty this place must be during spring when the Sakura blossoms are in bloom.
Ahhh signs Ahhh signs

One of the many odd signs you see around. Newo is imitating the monkey.
Feeding the pigeons Feeding the pigeons

This guy is playing with the pigeons. You can also see a mime in the background in the yellow jumpsuit.
Copper lanterns Copper lanterns

As we were walking towards the temple at Ueno, there's a long walkway with these copper lanterns.

I just really like this photo of a couple walking down the walkway past the lanterns.
Talisman Talisman

These were sticker talismans that were on the entrance way.
Tree Hugger Tree Hugger

praedestinatio just had to find the biggest tree and hug it. No I don't know why... -_-
JR Train JR Train

Newo and I on the subway back to the apartment.
Dinner! Dinner!

Mmmmm... curry...

We went to one of those small resturants where you buy a ticket and they serve you the dish. I mean it was fast, almost as soon as we gave them the ticket and sat down.

It was cheap, hot and so good. 8-9

As always I really like people watching when I'm in a new place. So yah, pictures of people. :)
People Watching

Ahh kids Ahh kids

Hehehe, these group of kids were just so amused by newo's hair. They were more interested in her then the snow monkeys in the cages. X-D
Running... Running...

This little guy was running back to catch up with her parents.
Elderly couple Elderly couple

Yes, more people amused with newo's hair.

This was me taking a candid shot with my camera at my hip.
Wow... Wow...

Another candid shot of a little girl very staring at newo's hair.
Students Students

A couple of students walking at Ueno.
Swings Swings

The girls playing on the swings.
Ueno Station Ueno Station

Ueno Zoo Pictures
Panda! Panda!

The first thing you see when you walk into the Zoo.

It doesn't help that I keep thinking, "Sexual Harrassment, Panda!" From the South Park episode. -_-

Two couples Two couples

I like how I was able to catch that couple in the background as they were walking away with the penguins.

I just like this picture. :)

Prepare to launch! Prepare to launch!

Ewww icky... Ewww icky...

I think the tiger smelled something nasty. He was sniffing something, then he stopped and made that face.

Of course, he(?) went right back to sniffing it after a few minutes. X-D
praedestinatio likes penguins praedestinatio likes penguins

Oh yes she does. :)
Do not feed the animals! Do not feed the animals!

Hahaha, I just love how cute those Japanese signs are. X-D
Sleepy panda Sleepy panda

Poor guy, so tired... sort of how I felt after getting back today. -_-

Happy! Happy!

One giant panda... One giant panda...

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