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Japan: Akihabara

Or what I'd like to call, the land of Kingdom Hearts II. 8-O

I didn't realize that they were launching the game today. So I saw that sucker EVERYWHERE. Even though I got there late, around noon, there were still lines in a couple of stores of people buying it. I've also been seeing commercials for it on TV every night. It look so pretty!

Oh so the girls went off today to stay with friends, so I was on my own, YAY! It's probably for the best, they don't need to see me geeking out over all the toys. X-D

Anyway, fair warning now... I'm going to freakin' geek out a lot! I've been looking forward to going back to Akihabara for a while now, because, DAMN, there's a lot of electronic here. From all the video games to the electronics... a;lewkjroiejr2o85uy089e4yljas;eltja holy crap, I'm in heaven. X-D

As to be expected, there's just stores and stores and stores of video games, cameras, mp3 players. Things that NEVER get imported into the states. Oh and the anime stuff. Just... wow... I'm just trying to absorb all the stuff I saw.

Oh yah, I've been seeing ads and stuff for Fate/Stay Night. There are a couple of guys in that series that just looks AWESOME. I'm going to have to get my hands on it. The character designs are so cool. Damn it, I think I just added another costume to the list. -_-

Anyway, when I got there, I basically just walked around a while to absorb everything. I just walked into any store that looked interesting. I keep forgetting that there are multiple floors to a lot of these stores. Entirely floors dedicated to just manga, CD's, DVDs, video games. It takes forever looking through everything but it's great! :)

There are so many toys for different shows too! Bleach of course is very popular so is Gundam SEED. Naruto of course, but I try to ignore that. ;-) There's also a lot of series that look really interesting. At least the box covers do, a lot of them have no English titles at all so it's really hard for me to remember what they are called. -_-

I also wandered into a lot of electronic stores. Oh, the duty free shops are sort of late. The tax you save is only about $10 (for a $400 camera) and their selection is much more limited. So I've been staying away from any store that sepecifically says "DUTY FREE" X-D

After a bit of shopping and drooling over cameras, I found the MP3 player I've been looking for! X-D It was even on sale too! The sales person was really nice, obviously used to talking with foreigners! I found this 1gig, Sanyo MP3 player. It's a little bigger then two AA batteres end to end. Yes, it has a 6 color display. I thought it was just an MP3 player, but noooo... it's ALSO a voice recorder, flash drive, FM radio, FM radio recorder and oh yah, it plays MP3s too. <3

Now that I have it, I might make some voice posts later. X-D

Oh man, the food. The FOOD! X-D I was getting so hungry walking around and shopping so the first thing I had was I went to this stall that had takoyaki. X-D OMG they were so good, piping hot and so flavorful. praedestinatio told me that the Japanese normally don't eat on the run. So I got my thing of 8 takoyaki and stood next to a guy near the street also eating. So I stood there and drooled over my takoyaki. As I was standing there, eating and people watching, I saw a group of school girls order their crepes. They did the same thing, ordered, then stood next to the street railing to eat. Occsionally squeeling as as the wind picked up.

Later on that night, I tried the onigiri shop that was right next to the crepe and takoyaki stand. OMG so good. X-D

For dinner I was really craving sushi. I did see one sushi place down the street, but I wasn't sure how good it would be since it's in the middle of a shopping area. But I was hungry and so wanted to sit down. So I went to the second floor of the "AKIBA SUPER DINING" building. It was this tiny sushi bar with just the sushi chef and a waitress there. Oh crap. I wouldn't be able to hide in a crowd. X-/

But it turned out everthing was good. The waitress spoke a little English and between that and my Japanese phrase book, everything turned out splendedly. I think they were both impressed that I liked some of the "stranger" sushis. From what little I could pick out, they were amazed I ordered mackerel and uni (sea urchin row). Since I think they realized that I wasn't afraid of the different types of sushi, I asked the chef to recommend things to me. First he made me a scallop sushi. OMG so good.

Then he started getting kind of adventurous. There was this, squid thing that we weren't able to translate. But the chef was nice enough to give me a free sample to taste. It was strips of squid marinated in a very fishy and salty sauce. I liked it, but then again I like Uni. Probably not for your average sushi eater. ;-)

He then gave me some Aji and Iwashi sushi. From watching Iron Chef, I think Aji is sweet fish? Not sure what Iwashi is. But wow, they were so good. Slightly sweet, slightly salty, not too fishy. Yum! I've never seen these fish before in the US.

LOL!! The chef actually bought out two of the fish to show me what they looked like. X-D

Since for the most part, I was the only customer in the room, they paid me a lot of attention.

The next thing he made was crab eggs sushi. I know most people throw out all of the crab innards when they have crab, but that stuff is *so* good. So it was a spoonfull of crab eggs with a small piece of crab leg meat sticking out. Damn, I was just in sushi heaven!

So in between bites, they were asking me things like, how long I was staying. Where I was from, the standard stuff. They asked where I was from, but I told them originally I was from China. Well then I corrected myself and said I was from Taiwan. I usually tell people I'm from China, to save the explaination of where the hell Taiwan is. But they realized where it was right away when I said it. :)

They were also saying (at this point, they were another costumer that walked in) that I looked Japanese. I'm not sure if they were trying to be polite or not... but after I told them I was Taiwanese, the chef and the other costumer was starting to point at different parts of their face. I guess saying which features were Chinese?

Anyway, the sushi was fantastic and the chef and waitress were so nice and understanding. I'd highly recommend going there if you happen to be at Akihabara and craving sushi. It's on the second floor of the AKIBA SUPER DINNER building. The first floor is just bento boxes and the like, anyway, you can't miss it. :)

Ok ok, now onto pictures. :)

Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts II

OMG it was everywhere! And you can see on this display all of the worlds you'll be going too. Just off hand, there's Mulan, Pirates of the Caribbean, a black and white Disney world, Tron, Disney Castle.
Katamari for PSP Katamari for PSP

Yep, I didn't realize that was out already. Must... not... buy... PSP... -_-
Patiently waiting for DOA4 Patiently waiting for DOA4

There's also a lot of DOA4 posters up. I think that's when the Xbox 360 might actually sell, when, you know, there's actually games to play on it?

Man, it look so pretty too...

Ok, WHAT the heck is Christie (white haired girl) wearing? X-D
Business men Business men

Business men walking up the street.
Crepe Deli Crepe Deli

There's a couple of food stalls here next to all the electronic stores. Here's a group of women waiting in line in the freezing cold to get a crepe. I'll bet they are ice cream crepes too...

I swear, people are crazy here. It's like 30 degrees C and women are wearing skirts. 8-O
Autographs? Autographs?

I'm not sure, but the girl in the Santa outfit is either just a girl selling a newly released CD or she's the actual singer promoting her new CD.

I wasn't quite sure, but they weren't allowing people to take photographs, so I'm guessing she's the actual singer? She was posing with everyone who bought a CD and they would get a Poloroid with her.

She was cute, I should have bought a CD. O:)
Sales woman Sales woman

One of the many men and woman standing in the streets passing out... stuff... I think she was part of the cell phone company passing out promotional stuff.
Vacuum tubes! Vacuum tubes!

One of the floors of this electronic store had high end hi-fi audio eqiupment and had a whole floor of vacuum tubes! 8-O
UFO Catcher UFO Catcher

Ok, this Sega catcher had wireless headphones as a prize... crazy! Ok, they are butt ugly, but still.
Mario and mushroom mouse Mario and mushroom mouse

This one had 8-bit styled mario and mushroom mice. I'm going to try and win one of these later. :D
Crossing the street Crossing the street

A huge group of people waiting to cross the street.
Keeping warm? Keeping warm?

This store was selling all sorts of heaters, I think they were just standing there to keep warm. As the sun went down the temp. dropped. X-/ Hell, I walked by a few times just to warm up too. :)
Ahh vending machines Ahh vending machines

I just love the fact that these vending machines have both cold AND hot drinks. <3
Neon lights Neon lights

One of the side streets.
Blood+ Blood+

The new Blood+ DVD just came out, so I've been seeing ads for this baby everywhere.
Onigiri stand! Onigiri stand!

OMG they make like, every kind of onigiri! They were soooo good too. And right when the temp. was dropping and the wind was picking up, a hot, freshly made onigiri hit the spot!
Takoyaki stand Takoyaki stand

I had an order of Takoyaki earlier in the day, but here's a group waiting to get their share too.

They are also *really* good.

Hehe, I love how the girl wearing the santa outfit is wearing cowboy boots. X-D
Sushi Chef Sushi Chef

Really nice guy, who was really patient with me and made me some INCREADIBLE sushi!
Students going home Students going home

More students waiting at the JR subway station.

PS. Sorry I haven't been replying to comments everyone! I'm leaving the apt and sleeping later and later just so I can type everything down, so I don't forget. And of course I want to share everything. I'll try to reply to comments in the next few days. I have been reading everything though! :)
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