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Japan: Nakano and Takadanobaba

So today we decided to actually explore the place we're staying at, Nakano. Little did we know there's this HUGE mall right here. We found fabric, inexpensive clothes, food, shoes, anime toys and like, everything! It was great. :)

I got a few yards of really cool fabric. :D

As I was wandering around the side streets of the Nakano mall, I found this amazing camera store. Holy cow they had a lot of stuff! Lenses and cameras from just about every camera manufacturer out there! Of course, I was checking out some of the lens, but I was good and didn't get any. O:) Though the used ones seems reasonably priced.

The only thing I did buy was a red camera neck strap. I had the default black "CANON DIGITAL EOS" one that came with my camera, so I thought I'd get something affordable. :) Better then going in and buying an expensive lens. X-D

Oh something else that I totally didn't intend for. So praedestinatio found this store that sold school uniforms. She was trying on a school boy jacket, unfortunately it was too big for her. So what the hell, I gave it at try and it fits me almost perfectly.

As she was trying on something that was a smaller size and I had put away the larger jacket that didn't fit her, the sales man said that he's willing to give me a discount on the school uniform.

So... I went ahead and tried it on again. I mean... it fit really well. I could wear it as a normal jacket. And it was really well made... X-/

Long story short, I'm now an owner of a real Japanese school boy uniform. X-D I also got the matching pants. I really didn't want to try and find a matching pair with the same fabric. So I bit the dust and got that too. Unfortunately, for them to hem the pants it would have taken too long. I'd be out of Tokyo by then, so praedestinatio went ahead and just told him that I'd do the hemming myself. He took Y1,000 off for that too. :>

God, that salesman must have thought we were nuts. A girl trying on a boy's uniform jacket and me actually buying it. X-D He asked if I was getting it as a souvenir, which we just said yes to. I mean, I didn't want to say that it was for cosplay and for "normal" wear at home. X-D

After much shopping for affordable clothes and a sort of affordable uniform, I went over to Takadanobaba to meet up with Jamie. Someone I roomed with at AOD and a friend of positivespace.

We wandered around Takadanobaba (it's just as fun to say that as it is to type X-D), her college town looking for ramen. Unfortunately a lot of places were closed since the campus was closed, so we just found a hole in the wall yakitori place. Their specialty was grilling stuff on a stick. X-D They had things like asparagus wrapped in bacon, various fish cakes and marinated liver. It was all pretty good. :)

My only complaint would be that they were pretty slow bringing out the food. But that maybe be on purpose to create a leisurely atmosphere. It was good all around. :)

I'll try to back track and update on the past few days and post pictures, good god I have so many pictures. X-D I have been posting a few Harajuku photos if you want to check them out.

Ok, sleepy time... I hope everyone had a happy holiday!

Nakano Broadway Nakano Broadway

A long indoor and outdoor shopping area. There's food, clothes and everything there!
Side street Side street

This was just one of the side streets around the mall. There's all sorts of small eateries there.
Bus Bus

Hehehe, just a bus advertising the mall we're currently living next too.
Reading Manga Reading Manga

There's a huge manga store in the mall. These guys are just standing there catching up on the latest reads I guess?
Cosplay Popularity Vote Cosplay Popularity Vote

The manga store was running a cosplay contest I guess. I'll have to check out that web site later. :)
CosMint CosMint

Found a cosplay store in there. Holy cow costumes are expensive there! About the same prices as Cospa.
Army Girl Army Girl

Hmm... who here's for changing the female army uniform to camo, pleated, mini skirts? X-D
Maid Cafe Maid Cafe

The ice cream shop that we were eating at turned into a maid cafe before our eyes. 8-O

They maids were cute. :> They wouldn't let us take a picture without buying some food and doing something with a ticket...

Maybe I'll give it a try another day. I mean, they really were cute. O:)
Almost empty train Almost empty train

A rare sight a subway train that's almost empty.
Me and Jamie Me and Jamie

Jamie and I meet up in Takadanobaba for dinner.

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