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Japan: Winter Comic Market (Comiket) Day 1

What can I say, I had a fantastic time at Comiket!

It was just madness! There were so many people there with awesome costumes all around. Just... I dunno, I don't have words to describe it! Check out the pictures below! X-D

I have to admit, it was *really* hard taking photos outside in direct sunlight. I'm going to have to post process a lot of them. X-/ I'll try to do better tomorrow by trying out different exposure compensation settings and using the fill flash. So I don't have that many of Comiket itself.

After Comiket closed I met up with wagashi for dinner to talk and catching up! We then both attend となりでコスプレ博 (Tonaride Cosplay) that is held next door to the Tokyo Big Sight. All the indoor photos are from that.

I posted more photos from that event since the lighting was more controlled. Also, from what I can tell I most of the cosplayers that went to Comiket, went to this thing too. So I got to see them all again. :>

Oh yah, so I've been passing out my cosplay cards to cosplayers. I've gotten 9 back in return! X-D

Let's see how many I can get tomorrow. :>

Ok, should rest now and get ready for tomorrow when the madness begins all over again! X-D

Woot! We're both at Comiket!

Youmu as Honey from Fighting Vipers Youmu as Honey from Fighting Vipers

One of my favorite fighting games! X-D

We talked for a bit since she speaks excellent English and actually attended AX last year. I hope to see her tomorrow at the next AX! :)
Chung Li Chung Li

Youmu's friend as Chung Li.
Yay! Yay!

I made a new friend. :>
Ghost in the Shell I think... Ghost in the Shell I think...

Sakura and Ohgami! Sakura and Ohgami!

Like, the ONLY person (her and her friend) who recognized I was Ohgami. They made my day! X-D
Reno and Rude Reno and Rude

Like, one of the really good photos I took from today. I'm still not good at taking photos in bright bright direct sunlight. :/ Here's hoping for more success tomorrow!
Awesome! Awesome!

I mean, seriously. I'll post more of her when I get the chance. X-O
Shiny... Shiny...

wagashi took this photo of me in front of a really reflective pillar. X-D

I look, stupid. X-D But it's a good effect. :>
Ohgami and his ladies Ohgami and his ladies

Ahhh, two Sakura's, what more can you ask for? X-D
Cats! Cats!

They were just GREAT! X-D
Gundam SEED Destiny Gundam SEED Destiny

They had some really amazing flight suits from Gundam SEED Destiny!
Ghost in the Shell Ghost in the Shell

I'm finally getting more comfortable posing Japanese cosplayers. This was my most successful attempt with my total lack of Japanese. X-D Lots of hand gestures and "do what I do" stuff.

I showed them the picture and they were really happy with the picture! Yay! :D

We also exchanged cards, they were *really* amazed with my Samurai Champloo cards, especially after I told them we did that shoot in San Francisco. X-D
Bleach Bleach

Wow... just... damn...
Who cares? She looks awesome. Who cares? She looks awesome.

That design on her jacket is just... O_O

No clue what the heck the character is from, but when you look that cool, it doesn't matter.

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