Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Pre-Comiket Day 2 Post

Ok, I need to shower and pack for tomorrow so I'll try to post photos afterwards.

But in a nutshell, again Comiket was awesome! As was the cosplay event at TFT. I wore Novem (Gilgamesh) at Comiket and Zack at TFT. -_- Yah, I got some odd reactions with Zack, but I did it! I'm proud of myself. X-D

Afterwords met with eleryth and Cidel(?) for dinner. Wow, dinner was so good! More later.

Anyway check out wagashi's post about yesterday's Comiket. X-D ROTFL!!!!! It's so true. I'm sort of in a daze about it now rushing to get to the cosplay area, so it's hilarious to see her point of view about attending Comiket. X-D

Go read it! It's good! I was laughing so hard and I was there with her! X-D

Ok, shower...
Tags: comiket, cosplay, japan
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