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Japan: Winter Comic Market (Comiket) Day 2

Ok, we need to head out so I have to keep the text short, but you don't care about the text anyway. ;-)

Pictures ahoy! Oh! Some of them are a bit... revealing, so I'll throw up the NOT WORK SAFE warning just in case.

Lei Fang from DOA Lei Fang from DOA

Um... yah, the first cosplayer I saw when I walked into the cosplay area and took pictures of. She was right behind me in line too.

Oh why wasn't I wearing Zack that then? :>
Maids Maids

From, You are My Master I think.
Awesome group Awesome group

They were so cool. I talked to the guy in the lower right since he spoke a little English. I asked what series was everyone from and he said a huge long Japanese title. My eyes bugged out and everyone laughed, because damn, it was a very intimidating name. X-D

So he pulled out a pack of cards from the series and gave it to me! That was so nice of him! He says he's also headed to AX next year and we exchanged menshi. So here's hoping to see him and maybe his friends at AX!
Sakura Taisen V! Sakura Taisen V!

Woot! ST cosplayers!
Meeting up with people from Cosplay.com! Meeting up with people from Cosplay.com!

Yah! More Sakura Taisen! Yah! More Sakura Taisen!

Kingdom Hearts II Sora Kingdom Hearts II Sora

No idea, but damn! No idea, but damn!

They were cool.
Willy Wonka Willy Wonka

I really like this photo! I was able to get some of the Tokyo Big Sight in the background and the guy had the look down too. :>
Awww Awww

I don't know where's she's from but I love the costume!
So cute! So cute!

Damn we were talking about this today, but the Japanese cosplayers really have their poses and facial expressions down pat.
Damn Damn

Just... damn...
Race Queen Race Queen

Yazoo and Kadaj Yazoo and Kadaj

Yah, I noticed the "SALE" seal, I think they wanted to say "SEAL" or "CAUTION" oh well. They themselves look awesome! :)
Utena Utena

Saint Seiya! Saint Seiya!

Ramen Man Ramen Man

I think he's a Ramen mascot? I mean he has instant ramen on his head and belt! :)
OMG.... OMG....

Such an awesome Trinity Blood group!!! ;alejro;iw4jljsdr;ijs;lie!
Death Note Death Note

Wow... Wow...

No idea, again, but damn. You could also hear her coming a mile away since she was wearing these increadibly high platform heals.
So cute! So cute!

Kids Kingdom Hearts group
Damn... Damn...

That's an awesome wig.
Blood + Blood +

Rumble Roses Rumble Roses

Fanservice ahoy!

She actually let me "cut" in front of the photographer line when I first asked for her photo! I feel so special. :D
Gundam SEED Gundam SEED

Wow... guys cosplaying... guys... what a concept? ;-)

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