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Happy New Year!

So I spent the new years at the Iidas here in Tsukuba (pronounced "scuba"). It's very interesting spending new years with a Japanese family.

First of all, for dinner we had home made soba noodles and tempera. :-9 The grandfather really likes making soba noodles so he made them for new years. It's tradition to eat soba noodles for new years since they are long and it represents long life. Mrs. Iida also made homemade shrimp, mushroom, pumpkin and squid tempera. Yum!

After the new year arrives at midnight, we headed to the local shrine. The shine is called, A Thousand Winds Shrine.

We went to offer a prayer for the new year.

After getting up to the shrine, we throw in a donation and then rang a bell attached overhead to a long rope. Mrs. Iida then told us the way to do the prayer. You bow twice, clap twice and then bow again and make your prayer.

I don't think there's a thing against telling what your new years prayer would be. :D Anyway, mine is that I hope the new year brings good things and that I do well in my schooling and the new direction I've chosen to take.

After we made our prayer we went to get our fortune. Again we donate some money, this time 200 yen and we reach into a box with the fortune. It includes a little charm that you're supposed to keep with you and the fortune. Thankfully, it says that I'm going to have good luck in the coming year. Yay! :) I'm going to need all the luck I can get.

Anyway Happy New Year everyone! :D

Lantern Lantern

The name of the shrine, "A Thousand Winds" Shrine.
More Lanterns More Lanterns

The string of lanterns heading up to the shrine.

People washing their hands as a form of purification.

The line of people going up to the shrine. The line of people going up to the shrine.

Prayer Prayer

I think my favorite picture, people making their new year's prayers.

I brought a good luck charm from the shrine. I had bought one last here when I visited Meiji Strine in Harajuku for the new year. So I thought I'd continue the tradition this year. Apparently last year's charm was to ward off bad luck. This year, I purposely bought one to help students do well in school. I'm definitely going to need that this year. O:)

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