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Japan: Shopping and Culture

Jan 2, 2006

Today we went to a local mall to do a bit of shopping. I was pretty good, I just bought some magazines and a cook book. Yah, I don't quite know how I'm going to make anything in the cook book, but it looks pretty.

Also a lot of the recipes are for bento boxes (lunch boxes) so I can try just making them via the picture to take with me to class for lunch.

Yah I'm going to be a dork like that. :)

Rocket Bargain! Rocket Bargain!

Girls standing on chairs yelling out that they are having a sale on clothes.
Vending Machine Vending Machine

It seems that some vending machines even have LCD monitors on them running ads for stuff. Ok, I swear, the next version is going to have the ability to automatically know what you want and dispense it to you as you walk by. 8-/
Kimono Store Kimono Store

Such beautiful kimonos! And they are just the floor models on dummies. 8-o

Jan 3, 2006

So we went shopping yesterday, well partly. The Tokyu mall has a "Culture" floor on the top floor of the building. So we did a little bit of random shopping before some of the programming started.

They are getting the glutenous rice ready to make mochi.

Pounding the mochi with large mallets
Seriously, like pounding... Seriously, like pounding...

Newo giving it a wack. Newo giving it a wack.

Awww a little girl trying it too Awww a little girl trying it too

praedstinatio pounding the rice praedstinatio pounding the rice

The little kids looking forward to their fresh made mochi. They had red bean and daikon (Japanese white radish) versions. The Daikon was interesting, I've never hard saviory mochi before. It was actually pretty good, I was surprised. :)

We later went to a grocery store and this was the "deli" section. :9 All of the fried stuff was cold actually, I guess after you buy it you warm it up at home?

praedstinatio and newo trying on kimonos. Hiromi-san's (our host "mother") sister does Kimono dressing for a living so they got a chance to try some on.

Them doing a J-Rock-y pose. Them doing a J-Rock-y pose.

After getting back Hiromi-san's best friend and her family came over for dinner. Holy crap there was a lot of food there. Lots of sushi, katsu and just stuff. I mean, we basically ate for 3 hours. 8-/ It was all amazingly good though and I got to listen to a lot of Japanese, trying to pick out words here and there that I recognized. :)

After dinner the younger members of the family took us all out for karaoke. Muhahahah, that was a lot of fun. :)

One of the friends that joined us REALLY loves 24. Yah, like the Fox show. I was shocked when I saw 24 stuff being sold at Cospa. So he really loves it and asked if there was a new season starting in 2006. He was really happy to hear there was, I do remember seeing commercials for the new season.

Then, for some wacked out reason he wanted to arm wrestle. O_O

Needless to say he kicked my ass... he wasn't even trying. Hahah, but later he said that we should go out drinking the next time I'm in Japan. LOL!
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