June 7th, 2003

Me | Oscar The Grouch

Oooh shiny!

Woohoo my solid silver Squall necklace is here.

It's really nice and shiny! It's also a good weight and when I wear it, it actually stays facing out! Unlike the knock off I bought originally, which would flip randomly when I walked.

Of course now I'm wondering if this is real silver or not. I'll find out if it tarnishes after a while.

Actually, my only complaint is the fact that it's too shiny. Yes, I said something was too shiny. :) I dunno, I just don't see Squall has time to shine his silver jewelery. :D I think I'll like it better, costume wise, when it has tarnished a bit.

The seller on eBay also threw in the ring. It's metal not silver. Hey, it's free. :) I dunno if I'll ever wear it though, since I'm usually wearing leather gloves, but I guess I can wear it over the gloves.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it. :)