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Ziggy Becket

After almost a year and a half of planning this with random delays and generally just "life" getting in the way of cosplay, we were finally able to get a group together to cosplay from Ibara, this 2D Japanese space shooter with amazing boss character designs.

Thanks so much to slave_to_anime and the crew of i360 for doing our photo shoot! Click the cut below to check out the photos!

Sexy, sexy Ibara cosplay!Collapse )

Pictures with the bossesCollapse )

A few pictures from SleepyCollapse )

Random other picsCollapse )

But wait there's more! We're going to have more people in our Ibara group eventually. Some people just couldn't make it to the gathering and others needed more time to finish their costume. So this won't be the last time you see us, oh no the sexiness will continue!

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