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Ziggy Becket

Ok, so you all bugged me about not posting photos before, so here it is. Freshly churned ice cream. :-9

This one is a different recipe then last time. The main difference is that I went with Vanilla extract instead of using a real vanilla bean and there's eggs in this one.

I've already noticed a difference, it's much creamier and more like ice cream that you normally buy at the grocery store. The Serious Vanilla Ice Cream, was all cream but there was no binder (the eggs) so it was a little more icy then traditional ice cream.

But the interesting side effect is that this ice cream is very yellow from all of the eggs. But it tastes fantastic. X-)

Ugh, you know the worst part of making ice cream? Is that after it's churned, you have to put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours or overnight for it to fully set before you can really dig in! OMG Torture!!

Recipe: Premium Vanilla Ice CreamCollapse )

Oh, since I was doing some of the cooking a couple of days ago, Kim decided to take a picture of me stirring the custard. :P That and you can see what my ice cream maker looks like.

Wow I look all serious don't I? Errr, ignore that face. :>

Oh! And after pouring the milk/cream mixture into a bowl for chilling, the bottom of the sauce pan had all of this custard goodness. So I scraped it all into a bowl and ate it. It was really good! Next time I should make custard on purpose and not just as a nice side effect of preparing ice cream. ;-)

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Ok, I'll admit, I don't say that phrase too much. Actually, I can't remember a time I've ever said it out loud...

Until now...

New Starcraft II Screens

Oh yah, that's hot...

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