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Ziggy Becket
French Vanilla Ice Cream

Ok, I know I'm a bastard and I posted the recipe for this ice cream already.

But I just wanted to post a better picture of it and say that it's fucking delicious. X-)

I'm so surprised at how good this ice cream turned out. After freezing it overnight, the texture is just fantastic. It's fluffy and light and sweet with a lovely vanilla taste. Even if I was cheap this time and used vanilla extract instead of real vanilla bean.

I'm so glad I put in the peanut butter cups because it really adds a nice bit of chocolate and saltiness.


Ok someone else needs to help me eat this because I've been having a cup of it every day I since I made it (sometimes two). And after watching 300 again, I'm already feeling out of shape. LOL

I'm done bragging now. ;-)

Edit: Oh crap, the Williams-Sonoma : Ice Cream book showed up at my door today. X-) I'm doooomed!

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