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Ziggy Becket
Is that they could give a crap about Halo 3!

Hahaha, sorry folks, all the Halo 3 news not my thing.

I guess I know how all you anti-iPhone people feel now. ;-)
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I don't know if anyone else is following international news, particularly what's happening in Burma right now.

I just can't get over the story, it's like your classic David and Goliath tale.

The military government vs Buddhist monks. And all of this sparked because the government doubled the price of gasoline in the country.

For a country who's mostly poor, having your cooking, heating and car fuel double in price is just crazy.

So the people and the Monks have started to stage peaceful protests in the streets of Rangoon. At this point, it seems that police and the military have been beating the monks. This is a country where the population revere the monks, so that incident angered the people even more.

The response of the monks? To refuse religious services or prayers for any military personnel and continue peaceful protesting.

Sadly, this is getting so much worse now that it's been reported here has been deaths in a recent crackdown.

There's also a history of how it got this bad, despite having such a bright future after achieving independence from British colonial rule, how China is involved and how the UN can't do anything because of China.

I think, I've summarized what's going on correctly, but there's just so much I hope I got it right.


PS: What pisses me off even more? That most of the US news outlets haven't even touched this story or that it's buried under stories of Michael Vick or OJ Simpson. -_-


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