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Ziggy Becket
Wow, the last 3 photo shoots I've posted have been all night shoots. I take photos in the day... really!

Anyway, I think I'm the only one to notice that, but there's no problems with anyone noticing Annissë in her amazingly daring Fiana costume!

Can I tell you I just LOVE Ghost In The Shell and when Annissë came to me and asked to do a photo shoot with her costume I couldn't wait!

I hope you enjoy the photos. :)

Annissë as Fiana

Private Photoshoot: Fiana from Ghost in the Shell
(Zip of all the photos)

Personal favorites under the cutCollapse )

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Ok, I'm not much of a WoW fan, but I'll admit these WoW commercials are hilarious!

WoW Commercials with Mr T. and William Shatner.

I love the Mr. T one!


PS: Though I thought the Chinese WoW/Coke Commerical with S.H.E was pretty awesome too. :>

Still not playing the game though. :D


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