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Ziggy Becket
IMG_6652 Bumblebee from Transformers Bruce Lee Figure

Crashing at the lovely shuupoo's place right now. So tired. Will be nice to get home. :)

Saturday PhotosCollapse )

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2008 Masquerade!!!! Wooooooooo! :D

Btw, no Sunday pics, I actually did a shoot a few blocks away at a studio most of Sunday. That will show up in another post.

Edit: I guess the creators of Penny Arcade stayed at the Omni this year. ;-)

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Comic Convention Draws Record Crowds - NPR.org

You'd think that it's because it brings so many people to the city, but according to the story, most SDCC don't spend THAT much to the local community, but for other reasons.

Anyway, interesting take on the con that we all rush to go to, just so we can stand in line. :)

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