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Densha Otoko (Train Man) and weird Japanese facial expressions

Before I get into talking about this J-Drama I've been watching, I have a cultural question to ask people out there.

So in the two j-drama's I've been watching, Densha Otoko and Kiken na Aneki I've seen Japanese adults make this face, where they puff up their cheeks and either look up or look at you.

Now in Kikenna Aneki, from the situation I get the impression that it's a face made out of annoyance of something you've done. But in Densha Otoko, it's done right after a ironic or poignant remark. Anyone want to enlighten me on what the face means?

So Densha Otoko or Train Man is a J-Drama based on a best selling book which was also turned into a movie.

The book is a true story of an Otaku. Ok, for those who don't know, Otaku is the term for geek in Japan. But there's no positive connotations with that phrase, it's a bad thing to be called and to be acknowledged as an otaku.

So the main character is a "geek" who's into anime and video games and has no social skills. On a train ride back home, a drunken man starts harassing the other people on the train, including a beautiful woman sitting opposite him.

Despite himself, he's pulls together all of his courage to stop the drunkard. Well, more like delay him until the authorities arrive.

As a sign of gratitude a group of older ladies on the train ask for his address to send him a thank you gift. The beautiful woman also asks for his address.

From that he wants to get to know this beautiful woman, but can't because he has no social skills and doesn't know what to do.

So he joins an online forum and tells his story. The members of the forum dub him, Densha Otoko for his bravery and help him to change for the better.

Yah, the above description all sounds a bit deep, but the TV series is actually a very well balanced dramatic comedy.

What's more, some of the main actors are from shows and movies I've seen and absolutely loved! The main female character, Aoyama Saori is played by Itoh Misaki also played Natsumi in You're Under Arrest Live Action.

Her friend, Sawazaki Kaho is played by Sato Eriko who was none other then Honey in the Cutie Honey Live Action movie! X-D Very very very highly recommended if you haven't seen it. X-D (Oh damn it, I still need to make a Black Claw costume huh?)

Lastly, Jinkama Misuzu played by Shiraishi Miho had a bit part in the wonderful movie, Swing Girls.

Other wonderful aspects of this series is the fact that the settings include some of my favorite places in Tokyo! X-D A couple of the places they shoot at are Akihabara (which I spend way too much money at shopping) and the Tokyo Big Sight (which is where Comiket is held).

Something else that probably drew me to this drama is how much I identified with the main character. I mean, I was a huge nerd in high school. And if you know me now, I'm still a huge nerd. :) But now I'm a huge nerd with social skills. Granted I was never as bad as Yamada-san but it did take me a long time to get comfortable talking to the opposite sex and I guess it was nice to see his progression.

Anyway, if you're up for a little bit of comedy and a sweet and slightly cheesy love story based on true events.

Give Densha Otoko a chance.
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